About Milk Fiber

From beginning of time researchers have sought new sources for new textiles. Continuing in that tradition we are so proud to be able to introduce something unique and extraordinary for you. Have you ever worn MILK? We are willing to bet you have not . We are pleased to offer a fabric of comfort, luxury and beauty for your skin.

A few historic facts: Milk protein was used as a binder for paint applied in 14th and 15th centuries churches. Paintings still appear bright and unfaded. Milk fiber was invented in 1930’s in Italy and America to to compete with wool. During the WWII to help the conservation effort milk protein (casein) was mixed with rayon and wool.

Good qualities of milk fabric: The most amazing characteristic of milk fiber is that unlike silk or wool which are subject to fungus, insects and aging milk fiber is able to maintain its freshness for many years. The antibacterial rate is above 80% making products made out of milk fabric quite healthy.Milk fabric is breathable and absorbs moisture very well. It is fade resistant. It has a glossy, luxurious sheen, feels light and comfortable, just like taking a milk bath.

A second skin for humans: PH of milk is the same as PH of human body. Milk protein fiber contains 18 amino-acids which are beneficial to human health. Clothing made out milk fabric is nourishing, lubricates and beautifies the skin, making skin smooth and healthy.

If you are environmentally cautious, milk fiber is for you.

Milk fabric is produced from surplus milk protein not intended for food.

It is renewable and biogradeble.

About Pearl Fiber

Pearl fiber is made by adding nanometer-grade pearl powder into fiber during the spinning of viscose fiber by means of high technology, enabling nanometer pearl particles to distribute inside and on the surface of the fiber.

Characteristics of the Fabric:

  • Appearance improving, skin care, skin whitening
  • UV protection
  • Moisture absorption, air permeability, comfortable wearing
  • 100% Natural
  • Durable
  • After absorption, pearl powder conditions the skin